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Utility Location Services

What is Utility Locating

Gas lines, telephone lines, and water pipes are among the critical utilities located underground. Detecting and mapping underground utilities is an essential part of excavation work, and there are a number of technologies that can help.

A detailed map of what occurs beneath the surface is created by locating underground utilities, also called underground utility mapping or utility detection. Utility locators verify buried infrastructure and manage safe excavation practices, rather than risking damage to underground pipes and cables.

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How Do Utility Location Services work?

Despite the safety of hydro excavation and soft digging equipment, mapping utilities prior to excavation is essential. One of the most popular location services uses this technology to generate, transmit, and receive electromagnetic radio waves through the ground.

Using this technology, electric and telephone lines, as well as gas lines, can be located without difficulty. In addition, EMI cannot detect plastic pipes or anything more than 5 metres underground.

Additionally, GPR can be used to supplement EMI equipment. This method of nondestructive testing can be used to identify metal and nonmetal services on most sites.

The reflected radiation from GPR pulses provides information about an object underground. The GPR system is also useful for finding underground tanks, chambers, and voids.

Importance of Utility Location Services

For excavations to be safe and reduce risk, utility and asset detection, as well as buried cable locator services, are often required beforehand. Often, utility services are located in conjunction with public utilities, but they can also be found underground in homes and businesses. Excavation services such as vacuum excavation and hydro excavation can be included in cable location services.

It is possible to reduce underground damage with a locator that locates underground pipes and services. Pipe locator technology is also an imperative part of health and safety in helping to reduce exposure to dangerous electric wires and waste water pipes.

OzDetect are the Utility Location Company!

Sydney-based OzDetect provides a range of utility locating services. Over the last two decades, OzDetect has grown into the leading utility location services company in Sydney and surrounding areas.

Besides utility location services OzDetect offers electronic detection crews, as well as concrete scanning radar systems. While you search for the most experienced and trusted utility mapping experts, we offer you the scope and safety your project deserves.

Are You Ready To Build New Project With Us?

If you are on a Worksite, Residential Property, Sporting Ground, School or Park of any kind and need to penetrate beneath the grounds surface, it is your responsibility to lodge Utility Plans. Contact us to arrange a time and place to pin point exactly what is beneath the ground.

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