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Tractor CCTV Inspections

Tractor CCTV Inspections Sydney

Tractor CCTV drainage inspections, also known as tractor-mounted CCTV inspections, are a method of inspecting underground drainage systems using a specialised camera mounted on a tractor. The camera is connected to a long, flexible cable that is inserted into the drainage pipe, allowing the operator to view the inside of the pipe on a monitor. Tractor CCTV drainage inspections are typically used to inspect and survey the condition of underground drainage systems, such as sewers and stormwater pipes.

What to Expect

During a tractor CCTV drainage inspection, the operator drives the tractor along the route of the drainage pipe, while the camera on the end of the cable records video of the inside of the pipe. The video can then be used to identify any issues with the pipe, such as cracks, blockages, or collapses. This information can be used to plan maintenance and repair work, and to ensure that the pipe is functioning properly.

Tractor CCTV drainage inspections are considered as a non-destructive method of inspecting the drainage systems and provides real-time visual data which allows the operator to identify any issues with the pipe quickly and efficiently. This method can also be used in areas where traditional inspection methods such as excavation are difficult or impossible.


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