Our team of surveyors capture georeferenced data of the built and natural environment, producing extensive 2D and 3D survey plans for your next project. Our surveys can be completed to MGA 2020/94 and Australian Height Datum (AHD), suiting our clients requirements. We work with a range of customers from different industries including designers, councils, builders, surveyors, architects, engineers, plumbers, electricians, and consultants. We offer our services covering all of greater Sydney, and NSW

Types Of Surveys OzDetect offer?

Latest Technology

Our surveyors use equipment that is the latest in technology, including

Why would you use Survey or Utility Mapping?

Design (residential or commercial)

As built plans


Records and reference purposes

Surveyor Information

Pipes and chambers are measured and documented, along with dimensions, materials, configuration, and direction of flow. Using high-precision survey methods, we can then accurately measure the position and depth of underground assets.

Feature contour surveys are also called topographical surveys. A survey of this type can reveal useful information about a piece of land, the features within its boundaries, and certain types of street furniture. Land features are described based on height, depth, size, and location.

To ensure builders can follow the design while constructing, Building Set-Outs involve translating designs onto the land itself. This is an essential survey before construction begins.

A cadastral survey is any activity that employs or generates cadastral evidence to determine boundaries. Plans, certificates, and digital data are all possible outputs of a boundary determination.

A detailed survey is conducted to locate all features on a piece of land. Natural as well as man-made structures are surveyed. A natural feature can be any type of vegetation – rocks, trees, stumps, etc. The latter refers to structures built above ground, such as buildings, walls, driveways, utilities, etc.

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