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Concrete Scanning

What is Concrete Scanning?

OzDetect has the experience and instruments to accurately detect Post Tension/Pre Tension Cables, Reinforcement, Voids, Structures, Live Electrical Cables. This will allow our clients to easily penetrate the slab with peace of mind.

Concrete scanning is ideal for the scanning of reinforcement, post-tension and pre-tension cables, ducts, structural beams and voids, and should be used prior to core drilling, concrete cutting, and the removal of concrete floors or walls. It can also detect objects and obstacles such as pipes, cables, and conduits that may be hidden within or behind concrete walls or floors. This helps to prevent potential damage to existing structures and minimizes repair costs.

concrete scanning

Concrete Scanning NSW & ACT

Our utility locators use equipment that is the latest in technology.

Why Get a Concrete Floor Scan?

concrete scanning

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Considering Sydney’s dense urban landscape and complex infrastructure, accurate and reliable concrete scanning is a crucial service in the construction and renovation industry. In Sydney, experts can accurately locate and map rebar, post-tension cables, conduits, and other embedded objects within concrete slabs, walls, or columns using advanced technologies such as Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and electromagnetic induction. By using this non-invasive approach, builders, engineers, and contractors are able to avoid costly or dangerous mistakes during drilling, cutting, or coring. Construction projects throughout Sydney benefit from the expertise of Sydney’s concrete scanning professionals.


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